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We welcome you by the purchase guide in our eshop. It is very simple to buy, you can choose how. That is why we will go one step by step together and find the way that suits you the most.


  1. The purchase in the place in the stone shop - workshop – come to see us, choose and buy goods at the Jitřenka workshop near the centre in Bystřice pod Hostýnem, Kamenec 1116. You can pay in the workshop in cash or by credit card. Parking is conveniently available in the free car park, opposite the shop.
  2. The purchase via eshop with personal collection in the stone shop - workshop – choose in the comfort of home through our eshop, choose personal taking in the order and you will pick up the goods prepared in the shop with the possibility to pay in advance by transfer, credit card or cash when the goods is collected directly in the shop.
  3. The purchase via email or facebook – write to us in the messages about what goods you are interested in, ask what you are interested in, or suggest it yourself. In this case, you can pay by transfer to an account or in cash on delivery. If you collect the goods personally at the workshop, payment in cash or by credit card is possible.
  4. Buying on the eshop has several simple steps to realise your purchase:
    Step 1 – Registration – not necessary – by filling in the data our system will remember you and you do not need to fill in your data when doing repeated purchases. Registration of new customers is done via the Register button, which can be found at the top right on the front page of our website. The system will guide you step by step to confirm the registration itself.
    Each registered customer of our eshop who reaches in the sum of orders amounts more than CZK 10,000 receives a permanent discount of 5% for each subsequent purchase.
    Pokud se u nás nechcete registrovat, můžete začít rovnou nakupovat, své údaje pak vyplníte při potvrzení objednávky.
    Step 2 – Login – if you are already registered, just click the Login in button, which is located in the upper right corner of our website, and fill in the login details (username and password) and click the Login After you have successfully signed on, you will see the information you entered when you signed up. Here you can make the changes to your personal information and the change of your password. Then go to the e-shop section and you can start ordering.


If you do not want to register with us, you can start shopping directly, then fill in your details when you confirm your order.


- Purchase of goods

Choose one of the categories listed in the bar under our eshop logo, choose the series from which you wish to order, and then choose a specific product. After viewing the product detail, you need to select the desired variant and then fill in the number of pieces. Press the Insert to Cart button to insert items into your shopping cart.

You can also search for items by typing a name in the magnifying glass box at the top right and clicking the magnifying glass

                                           - by selecting the goods directly on the front page

                                           - by entering a given time period – roughly in the middle of the start page. Then you can only see the detail of the item, the desired number, the variant, and press the Insert to Cart button to insert the goods into your shopping cart.


If you have already inserted the items you want into your cart, click the button with the cart icon and the current price at the top right and check the ordered items. At this stage, it is still possible to repair all order items. Then click Continue. The following are several individual steps in which billing and sending data need to be entered (registered and logged-on customer sees and only checks, adjusts it, or edits), to select the type of transport and the form of payment. You can pay by transfer, card or cash on delivery. Immediately after sending the order, you will be sent to your contact e-mail address by order confirmation.


We wish you a pleasant purchase!