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Forest Shrine - A4

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Copies of Our Drawings

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Germanic Tribes


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Printed copy, the original is A4. A drawing with a black pen coloured crayons. Free inspiration from archaeology. The two figures, female and male, correspond to archaeological finds from Germanic countries. It was probably a depiction of a god and goddess, mythical ancestors (Ask and Embla?), Etc. At least one finding of two characters has obvious male and female features. At the top of the drawing is the symbol of the Sun with two celestial horses pulling the chariot of the Sun gods according to myths. At the bottom is a snake that symbolizes the underworld dragon or snake (northern Nídhöggr). The symbols in the corners are drawn according to the archaeological finds of pottery, but it can also be a depiction of four runes of Algiz. According to the Germanic bird (eagle), the birds on the side are from the period around 5.-6. century.