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Big Plate with Runes

Product details:


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2 200 Kč


Size of the Ring and Height:

34 x 3,5 cm



Time (period):

Germanic Tribes, Vikings






Product description

A large handmade plate with engraved decoration. The center of the plate (or the shallow bowl) is formed by a cosmic axis with the star Polaris around which the starry sky appears to revolve. The swastika with deers, in this case, symbolizes not only Heaven but also four deers which, according to Norse mythology, reside in the ash World Tree Yggdrasil. The branches of Yggdrasil also grow from the center. The trunk of the tree is therefore in the middle of the plate and is identical to the cosmic axis. There is also an old futhark on the bowl with 24 runes, which are diagonally hatched in the background. Oblique hatching in this case can symbolize movement, rotation and annual cycle. Oak leaves symbolize the sacred oak, the oak grove. The ceramics are made by Mr. Kučera and the decoration is our work.