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Beaded Bracelet: Fluorite + Crystal

Product details:



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cca 17 cm

Size of the Bead:

6 mm


natural stone, manufactured


Beaded Bracelet




Product description

A bracelet made of natural fluorite and clear crystal. Fluorite is a stone harmonizing energy centres from the heart up - neck - the third eye and the crown chakra. It is a stone of good memory, concentration, pure mind and peace. It promotes self-confidence, calms when nervous, improves intuition and recollection. We remember the new ones better and we can interpret everything further with refined words. It can help us connect to spiritual guides and protectors.

It is a student stone that accompanies exams and difficult moments at school, but also at workplaces.

The crystal cleanses and supports the properties of fluorite.


Purification: under a stream of lukewarm water or in a glass of water with crystal

Charging: in indirect sunlight


The bracelet is without a fastening on an elastic band.